About The Kindness Kampaign


We are a group of children and families with a mission to inspire kindness through various volunteer activities to better our community. It is our belief that by providing a platform and the necessary resources, children can work together to make a difference in the lives of other children. We are committed to helping many areas of need: hunger, homelessness, under-privileged children, elderly, animals and the environment in addition to bringing awareness to multiple causes that bring challenges to our youth. To achieve this we will host family friendly events and provide children, teens, and adults the opportunity to volunteer while working alongside local organizations and businesses. 

Our first event was held on February 19, 2018, just 5 days after the devastating tragedy occurred at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. We knew we had to do something. Our children wanted to help those who were hurting. We gathered with friends and family at the local park to make cards and collect donations for the students, first responders, teachers, and families. The support and love was overwhelming. We had to keep this going. Children learn by what we show them. If we show them how to be kind, they will continue to be kind. 


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.“


We welcome everyone. Will you join our “Kampaign“ for Kindness?